Saturday, December 16, 2006

Antarctic Mural

Xavier Cortada will create a mural honoring Antarctic explorers and scientists for permanent display in Antarctica. Researchers in Antarctica develop knowledge that is of great importance to our scientific and human advancement. Their work proves how relevant the continent is to our daily lives.

The Scientists' Mural (McMurdo Station):

Cortada will travel to Antarctica to create a "message mural" and related art pieces and installations about Antarctica and the work of scientists there. Specifically, researchers will be interviewed, emailed, or asked to write messages on a piece of paper which the artist will affix to his canvas panels. Scientists can describe personal feelings about being/researching in the Antarctic or describe the work they do (e.g.: an abstract of their publications). This message mural will be permanently exhibited in the McMurdo Station, the largest of the three year-round US stations in Antarctica.

Homage to Shackleton:.

Cortada will create a piece of art honoring Sir Ernest Shackleton, who attempted to traverse the continent but wound marooned with his 27 men on a polar ice floe. Enduring the harshest conditions, they all survived. Cortada thought to honor Shackleton's perseverance by "placing him" permanently in the South Pole, a place that so eluded him in life. As such, during his trip to the South Pole, the artist will present the artwork to the station manager. During cold, dark months Shackleton's image may serve to inspire those who now winter in the South Pole.

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